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In 2019, Sophie Bernado (bassoon), Séverine Morfin (viola) and Tatiana Paris (guitar)gathered around the desire to live and tell the story of women, in words and music.Mix of experimental pop, ambient, repetitive music, free improvisation andhip hop, Simone offers a cinematographic journey on the condition of women passed to thefilter of a rock energy, powerful and whole. Bassoon, keyboards, viola, guitar, drums:the instrumentation is unusual, and, with the power of an orchestra, generates a multitudelandscapes of remarkable finesse and intensity. Of this incandescent crossing andpolymorph of the post #MeToo era, the listener comes out disheveled, energized and,perhaps transformed.

Simone crédits Sophie Gastine


Sophie BERNADO bassoon voice compositions
Séverine MORFIN alto voice composition
Tatiana PARIS guitar voice composition
Mathieu PENOT (drums synths


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