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L'Arbre Rouge crédits BMC

L’Arbre Rouge is a quintet with atypical instrumentation located on the edge of classical music and jazz. The ensemble includes three string instruments (violin, cello, double bass), three wind instruments (the saxophone or the clarinet and the bassoon), as well as the voice which is used there as an additional instrument.For this project, Hugues Mayot works around rituals, whether religious or atheist. It is not a question of playing music resulting from these so-called rituals but rather of working around their architecture, of what characterizes them and to feed on it for the work of composition and by extension improvisation. Constructed as a series of events, of immutable gestures, The concert thus takes the form of a ceremony.

l'Arbre Rouge BMC

"Rarely will an album title have stuck so well to the music it contains. Underground work of germination, patient progression of the roots in the earth, slow rise of the stem that has become a trunk, imperceptible maturity under the wind and the rain, unfolding majestic, budding, flowering, offering to the seasons, the music of L'Arbre rouge expresses nothing other than this immense symphony of ligneous life." Telerama


Hugues Mayot - compositions saxophone       
Sophie Bernado - Basson                                   
Clément Janinet - Violon                                    
Bruno Ducret - Violoncelle                                
Joachim Florent - Contrebasse


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