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Bruno Rabbit. A plausible but unlikely name. Like a tenuous and nebulous border between real and imaginary, a tightrope walker and libertarian poetic line. 

The trio plays open music that praises the present moment. He asserts that space is a condition of clarity of discourse and that restlessness only makes sense to underpin the common purpose.

Thus, the outline of the arrangement frees improvisation, and the volubility of the line comes to carry the melodic construction.

The impromptu interferes everywhere in the music of the trio and if its character is introspective, it is also not reclusive, collective and playful.


Bruno Lapin is a poetic allegory that mocks the ineptitude of his time.

Bruno Lapin crédits Maxime François

Sophie Bernado bassoon voice effects composition
Clément Petit cello composition effects
Joce Mienniel flute effects




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