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Finis Terrae

“Powerfully evocative, the music of Vincent Courtois has always cultivated a special relationship with the image, whether it be imagined or fantasized. After revealing to us his intimate cinematography on the album Original Bands, he decides to push the cork a little further by composing his first score on a silent film, and not the least: Finis terrae (1929), manifesto of the Breton period by Jean Epstein. 
To evoke the poetic, fantastic and marvelous atmosphere of this marine poem, the cellist has imagined an atypical instrumentation, where the low and medium frequencies of the cello, bassoon and tenor saxophone intertwine with the "trad" colors of the accordion, punctuated by a subtle drum set. Soon freeing itself from the images that gave it birth, the music now moves by and for itself, inviting each listener to project their own inner film. »

Vincent Courtois - violoncelle
Sophie Bernado - basson
Robin Fincker -clarinette, saxophone
Janick Martin - accordéon
François Merville - batterie
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