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Duo around a bassoon solo

Lila Bazooka crédits TatianaChevalier

Ithe Bazooka

The flower with the rifle, 

The fragile orchid growing in the barrel of a rifle

The water lily in the right lung

Unconditional love against everyday violence

The soft fall into the feathered cushions of a dream

The unicorn and its rainbow

The deaf silence in the midst of the incessant din of modernity

A friendship that has its roots in sound research around the bassoon, 

The duo around the solo is born.

This brand new laboratory allows the duo to do research on lutherie and bassoon technique, but also on experimentation around timbres.

Traditional Japanese music speaks to the Lilas so much so that the crazy bet to go immersing in Kyoto is launched.

Sophie Bernado and Céline Grangey left for Japan in April 2019 and came back with this idea of a first album around Field recording, bassoon and singing, and definitely around the sho, the Japanese mouth organ.

They invite Ko Ishikawa, sho player, on their first album Arashiyama.

Japan is this temple, 

temple of the monkeys under a fine rain, 

in the torpor of the mist, ghost and magic temple, 

and the haunting music of this fine, discreet rain, almost inaudible to the confines of the corridors of the Tokyo metro.

Lila Bazooka Arashiyama
Jazz News sortie d'album Arashiyama
crédits Tatiana Chevalier



Sophie Bernado: bassoon voice composition   Celine Grangey:sound design arrangement


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